Georgia is a country with ancient historical and cultural traditions. For centuries Georgian people created a distinctive ethnic culture and customs. All these traditions distinguish in originality. Every corner of Georgia has its own specific customs, but such a tradition phenomenon as family, hospitality and friendship, is common for all the corners and takes an important place in daily life of every Georgian.
Hospitality is expressed in the Georgian feast - a feast for the soul. Wine, food, toasts and songs are an integral part of the Georgian feast.
The feast is called "puroba" which has a "toastmaster". Depending on a feast (joy or sorrow), the host says toast in a traditional order. They bless the Lord, homeland, ancestors, deceased, descendants, etc. At the end of the feast they raise the glass for family and bless the Lord.
Each region of Georgia is characterized by its feature feast; hence we have the concept of "Imereti feast", "Kakheti feast", "Guria feast", "Samegrelo feast", etc.





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