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Adjara is located in the southwestern part of Georgia, on the Black Sea coast. It is the most beautiful corner of Georgia, in which the picturesque marine and mountain species are organically combined. Adjara is characterized by humid subtropical climate. The winter is warm and the summer is hot there. The territory of Adjara has been settled since new Stone Age.The spread of Christianity in Georgia began precisely from this corner - Andrew the Apostle first began to preach Christianity in Adjara.The indigenous population, Adjarians, has brought to this day its own original culture and traditions.The architectural monuments that exist here really represent a wonderful sight.

350 km from tbilisi
The city of Batumi is located in Western Georgia, on the coastline of Black Sea.
Batumi is an administrative, economic, cultural and educational center of Autonomous Republic of Adjara.
Batumi's climate is humid subtropical. It is the warmest place in Georgia.
Batumi was a settlement in as early as Antique era and had trade relationships with ancient Greek cities.
There are many historical and architectural attractions in Batumi. The length of the Batumi Boulevard is 15 km.

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Petra fortress is located in the village Tsikhisdziri and dates VI century. Georgian tribe - Lazy lived in this area. Because of the unique military-strategic and economic and trade location, the Byzantine Emperor Justinian founded the city here.

380 km from tbilisi
13 C
The church of Skhalta is located in Adjara, in Khulo region. It was built in the 13th century. The church has no dome and is covered by a gable roof.

395 Km from Tbilisi
1 st C AD
The fortress belonging to the Antique and Middle-Age era is located 12 km from Batumi. First reference of the fortress of Gonio in the historical sources under the name of Apsarunt belongs to author Plinius Secundus (I century). Due to strategic location, it was always a focal point for Rome, Byzantine and Genoa republics. In 1547-1878 it fell under control of the Ottoman Empire.
From XII century the fortress is called the Gonio fortress. As the legend goes, one of the prophets of Christ – Matata is also buried in Gonio.

320 km from tbilisi
Batumi botanical garden or Green Cape is situated on the Black Sea coast and extends over 111 hectares. The cultivation of the botanical garden was launched back in 1889. Since 1998, the Batumi Botanical Garden is a member of the World Council for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources.
There are 3 exotic plant plots, a sanctuary of Kolkheti forest and 9 florist divisions.

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