Lagodekhi preserved territories are located in the north-eastern part of Georgia, on the border with Dagestan and Azerbaijan, on the 3500-4000 meters above the sea level. The territories consist of a sanctuary and conservation area. Lagodekhi preserved territories are the oldest in the Caucasus and its environment received a sanctuary status at the beginning of the last century. The sanctuary was founded in 1912. Flora and fauna is rich and diverse here.

In the vicinity of preserved territories there are numerous important historical and archaeological monuments.

Tusheti protected areas are located in Northern Georgia, 250 km from Tbilisi, in the extreme north-east part of the nation, on the borderline with the Russian Federation (Dagestan and Chechnia). The territories consist of three categories: a state sanctuary, a National park and a protected landscape. Both in terms of quantity and quality of flora and fauna Tusheti is distinguished in the whole Caucasus.

Vashlovani reserve territories are located in southern-eastern part of Georgia, between rivers Iori and Alazani, 160 km from Tbilisi. It encompasses a sanctuary, national park and three natural memorials with total area of 250 Sightseeing of the unique environmental variety of Vashlovani reserve territories is possible for any visitor.

Kintrishi and Mtirala protected territories are located on the territory of Ajara, 320-340 km from Tbilisi. Territories include two parts – Kintrishi sanctuary and Mtirala national park. Kintrishi sanctuary was founded in 1959 and Mtirala national park – nearly half a century later, in 2006.
Both, the sanctuary and the park, are rich with diverse flora and fauna.

Ajameti Conservation Area is located in Western Georgia, 265 km from Tbilisi. It was founded on the site of a reserve of the same name which had functioned since 1946. The area is interesting for variety of flora, wild birds and animals. In historical sources of the second half of the XI century it is referred to as a hunting site.

Algeti national park is located to the south of Tbilisi, within 60 km distance, in the gorge of river Algeti, 1100-2000 meters above the sea level. The area of Algeti national park is 6.8 It was founded with the status of a sanctuary in the mid-60-ies of the XX century. In 2007 it was awarded the status of a national park.
There are more than 1600 species of plants on the territory of the park. National park is distinguished also for variety of wildlife. There are many historical, cultural and archaeological monuments in the Algeti national park and its environs.

Colchis National Park is located in the western Georgia, on the Colchis lowland, in the Black Sea coastal strip, near the town of Poti, 290 km from Tbilisi.

Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park by its status is the first protected area in the Caucasus. It was set up in the end of XX century and by occupied area (more than 600 is one of the largest protected territories in Europe. It is located in the central part of Georgia, to the west from Tbilisi within the distance of 140 km.
The uniqueness of the park is the diversity of geographical and ecological zones. The park is rich in historical and architectural monuments and resorts.

National park of Tbilisi is located to the North from Tbilisi. Its area is 243 It was set up on the basis of a sanctuary of Saguramo, which has existed since the mid-XX century. The wildlife and the vegetation are rich and diverse here. There are also many unique archaeological and cultural sights part of which are under protection of UNESCO.


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