Georgia is a classic country of the vocal polyphony. Georgian polyphonic folk song has passed a long period of development and improvement.
Special merit of the Georgians is in the development of Christian polyphonic singing. Georgia is one of the first countries in the Christian world, which laid the foundation of polyphonic singing in church music.
In 2001, Georgian folk singing was recognized by UNESCO as musical heritage of humanity and is under the Organization's trusteeship.
Georgian folk dancing won the hearts of worldwide choreography connoisseurs a long time ago.
"Sukhishvili" and "Erisioni" are world-famous choreographic ensembles.

Georgian fresco combines iconographic traditions of Byzantium and the Middle East. Together with the ancient cloisonné enamel, fresco is the main part of the Georgian church art.

Georgian painting is closely connected with folk art, and well expressed in the works of Pirosmani who is admired by the whole world; Picasso, impressed by the paintings of Pirosmani, made some graphic portraits of the great artist.
Famous Georgian artists were Elena Akhvlediani, Lado Gudiashvili, David Kakabadze and others.

On January 14, 1850 Giorgi Eristavi founded a professional Georgian theater. The Georgian theater passed an interesting way of exploration, recovery, development and achievements. Thanks to efforts of talented directors and actors (Kote Marjanishvili, Sandro Akhmeteli, Ushangi Chkheidze, Akaki Khorava, Veriko Andzhaparidze, Sergo Zakariadze, Robert Sturua, and many others) Georgian theater gained a worthy place in the history of World Theater.
Nowadays the following theatres are operating in Georgia - Alexander Griboedov State Russian Drama Theatre, Tbilisi State Puppet Theatre, Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre, Youth Theatre (Russian and Georgian), Gabriadze Studio Theatre, Shota Rustaveli State Academic Theatre, and others.
Zakaria Paliashvili Tbilisi State Opera and Ballet Theatre is more than a century old. Worthy representatives of the Georgian ballet were Vakhtang Chabukiani and George Balanchine, who raised the United States' ballet art to the top. Nino Ananiashvili and other choreographers follow these ballet traditions.

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